Cop That!

Steve Coppell has not only been one of the finest managers in the game, but his sarcastic quips and dry sense of humour also make him one of the funniest. In this comprehensive collection, author Gordon Law has compiled Coppell’s most comical quotes and sound bites from the various clubs he has managed. Packed with loads of witty one-liners, verbal lashings and entertaining insights, this ultimate collection will have football fans chuckling throughout the season.

“When you look to others for favours you get sh*t on.”

“The only way we will be getting to Europe is on easyJet in the summertime.”

“Referees don’t come down here with a particular-flavoured shirt on.”

“The big monster called relegation is there, ready to bite us on the arse.”

“I could cheerfully have strangled him!”



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